“Lisa Iversen is a skilled, compassionate and inspirational teacher, whose depth of knowledge and experiential practice of Family Constellations work, combined with well-developed skills of deep listening and intuitive awareness, allow for a profound transformational process to unfold.  Her experienced guidance supports the unfolding awareness of those mysterious transgenerational forces that entangle us but do not belong to us.

“What impresses me even more is how Lisa offers her powerful leadership skills to cultivate mutual understanding and communication between “all our relations” in this community and far beyond, applying constellations work to consistently and effectively  work toward ending systemic transgenerational oppressions–of race, class and spiritual belief, for example.  We are blessed that Lisa’s wisdom and many gifts are shared so generously with our community.”

Leslie Conton, Prof. of Cultural Anthropology, Fairhaven College , WWU; Faculty member, Foundation  for Shamanic Studies; and shamanic practitioner

“What a joyous honor to write a few lines about Lisa Iversen …when she asked me, I felt my heart warm up and an immediate yes. If only I would have known how difficult it is to compress a book of what you would want to write about a treasured friend and colleague into a few lines.

“Lisa to me is simply a gem of witty, humorous, heart-full and highly skilled friend and colleague. Her understanding of the soul level of constellation work gives great depth to her work, allowing her to tend to as painful places as slavery and genocide of many indigenous tribes. She does so without moral pretense, closing her heart, or losing her joy of living, loving, and the good things in life.

“In many good talks I had with her about the work I cherished her insights and very creative ideas and was deeply moved by her workshop about immigration at the last USA Conference in Ashville Carolina. To be her colleague makes me proud and excited about the future of the USA constellation community, and I know that whoever wants to learn the approach of systemic constellation work will greatly benefit from her high skill level as a psychotherapist and teacher, from her integrity with sharp mind and warm heart, and from her never failing sense of humor, who gives lightness and spice to all interactions.”

Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Family Constellation Facilitator and Teacher

“Over the years, I have gotten to know Lisa as a dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner in the field of systemic constellations. Her many years of experience as both a licensed psychotherapist and facilitator of constellations are combined wonderfully in a gentle holding that makes clients feel welcome and respected. As she is able to work with personal issues, as well as, for example, the collective patterns of denial and repression in society at large where it concerns race and religion. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to clients of all backgrounds.”

Daan Van Kampenhout, author of Images of the Soul and The Tears of the Ancestors

“Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable about and devoted to Family Constellations work.  She’s articulate and passionate about bringing this information to people.  I’ve worked with clients in my practice who have done Constellations work with her and each of them has been enriched and expanded by what they have explored with her.

“In my brief experience personally observing her working with people, I felt she was completely present, intuitively connected, unafraid to speak the truths she saw… a master teacher in some ways, but maybe more accurately a master guide.  She seems to see her role in this work as being one of a guide, not an all-knowing guru but more of a person who has studied a lot, is very tuned-in and well-trained in this method, and wants to help people along their personal path.”

Anji Citron, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist

“Over time I have had the honor and privilege to engage and know Lisa Iversen . My experiences with her have left the impression that her presence is akin to warm sunshine that transforms fresh snow.  This is in contrast to the sharp chisel that shapes wood;  that chisel being characteristic of my own style in the delivery of a spiritual service.  Ms. Iversen has clearly cultivated a level of personal development that allows her to consciously wield the influence of her presence effectively and, importantly, without harm.

“As a spiritual service worker, Lisa has cultivated and maintains a necessary neutrality. This is coupled with an unusual depth of insight.  This combination is enabling and facilitates access and subsequent processing of core patterns.  Her ability to be engaged, in neutrality, while interfacing with difficult human issues offers a needed stable support for our transformation.  The individual or group is allowed to define for themselves the nature and level of repair and restoration needed in their human journey.  She has consciously chosen, as an aspect of eternal support, to assist in catalyzing the needed transformation as part of her spiritual service.

“I believe Lisa values and embodies an accessible high ideal for our ability to consciously relate. She has chosen to provide a healing service involving the healing of ‘blood lines’; a ‘blood essence’ having been originally intended to nourish us in primary and profound ways.  My impression is that her work and her very presence fosters the natural growth and development needed to love authentically.”

Dennis Littleton, ND L Ac

“Many practitioners can hold clarity, expertise, and focus for a group. Only those who surrender with heart to a force bigger than themselves can hold sacred space. My experience of Lisa is that she receives the unfolding moment not only with skill and experience but also with trust, love, grace, and compassion. Her presence both to form and the formless leads to healing as the ever present field of the sacred order is perceived.”

Elizabeth Spanuello,  Energy Healing Practitioner

“Lisa Iversen is a skilled teacher and facilitator with gifts of deep wisdom and compassion.  Lisa interfaces with the phenomenological process of life with a simple yet profound dignity and respect. She helps bring awareness to personal issues as well as collective issues in a comfortable, safe, grounded, and graceful manner. After several years of various facilitation experiences and trainings, I highly endorse Lisa Iversen .”

Therese Thomas, RN, CHPN

“As a Family Constellations Facilitator Lisa brings to the work a uniquely deep faith and trust in the unseen forces and wisdom inherent in the field. Her keen intuition and open approach opened the door for me to experience, see, hear and feel the deeper and mysterious greater forces at work in my family and my daily life.

“As a teacher of the work Lisa’s own faith and connection to her ancestors and their wisdom shows the way to trust what we do not understand and to honor that something bigger is guiding us. She brings to her teaching a thoughtful understanding of the respective roles of Body, Mind and Spirit and how they dance together toward healing, reconciliation and wholeness.  Lisa’s intelligence, trust and support helped see me through the transformation of what I thought I knew into something deeper and even more profound.”

Alan Monday, M.A. L.M.H.C. Mental Health Counselor, Child and Family Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator

“I have experienced Lisa in a variety of roles since 2004 in the field of Constellation Work, as a facilitator, mentor and as a colleague. For me, Lisa has integrated what she experienced in her various professional pursuits. This wisdom, especially ancestor work, is in her life and heart. From this place she is guiding groups and facilitating with warmth, skilled intuition, depth and humor.

“When Lisa was mentoring our little group of new facilitators, I felt very accepted with all my questions and welcomed as a colleague. She is very versatile and I have seen her handle the full range of questions or situations that come up. Above all I love her qualities of openness and ease of sharing thoughts in the process. It creates awareness and a receptive space for the unfolding.”

Verena Giebels, LMP, FC Facilitator

“Lisa compassionately discerns the TRUTH (of What Is) and courageously shifts the balance in each constellation, creating a path toward more wholeness and healing.  She lovingly relates to each individual involved in the problem and the solutions of our very human struggles.”

Kay Abramson, LMFT, Samaritan Center of Puget Sound